Written by Higsnobiety


Born in february 2013 in the ancient city of Modena, Italian jewelry brand Double U Frenk began as a creative outlet for a group of friends. Bringing their very first design , a skull necklace, to local clubs, the goup's influential circle indoctrinated others on the scene and soon enough their occult creations could be found in some of the region's best shops. 

Fast forward to today and Double U Frenk is carried in 80 dealers throughout Italy with an online shops that ships to every corner of the world.

While most brands would take that early success and set up a flagship, Double U Frenk, doing things their own way, has outfitted a caravan in their distinct design language to drive across the country and stop by some of the best festivals, reflecting their early club-going days.

Best of all, the travels that served as inspiration when they were starting out are now on the road beneath them and the adventures ahead.

What they'll come up with next, we'll have to wait and see.


Brock Cardiner