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Double U Frenk radio 3° meets – UN:SAID

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18 Feb

We’re very honored to finally introduce the third guest of DUF Radio. UN:SAID will be joining us this Sunday, February 21th, at 18:00 CET on @doubleufrenk IG account, for an exclusive interview

Between Paris and Rome, Un:said is one of those artists who never stops. Coming from a background that promotes technology and encourages innovation, he has first made his way in engineering and scientific research. Un:said, whose real name is Simone S., has long sought to tell his story and convey his emotions, ending up combining technology with melodies. His artistic inspirations are as diverse as they are astonishing. From Brian Eno to John Williams, including Arctics Monkeys and Wiz Khalifa, Simone’s constant need to evolve and innovate offers us emotional and powerful electronic music. As a bonus, artwork and animations, designed as transcription of his audio works, are exclusively made by himself.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unsaid_ofc/

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